The past

Autentica di Felsina sinks its roots deep into the original formulas for the historic perfumes “acqua di felsina bianca” and “acqua di felsina rossa”, uncovered by the heirs of Livio Grandi. He was the last creator of these scents which have been made since 1827 in the city of Bologna, once known as Félsina.

The present

Autentica di Felsina is the expression of the sincere intention of the creators of the brand to recreate a historic product of excellence, bound to Bologna’s traditions, with complete respect for the past.


The fragrance interprets the archetype of Cologne featuring citrus and fresh notes.


Neroli and a delicate floral bouquet give an airy, energizing impression, amiable with traditional Eau de Cologne materials, and the panjandrum a spicy-oriental “ambrosia” accord.


Traditional white musk notes hone the odor of the skin, weaving together a powdery veil with iris: the seal of quiet elegance.