Who we are

We are two brothers, Barbara and Pierpaolo Corazza, Founders of Adf Srls, a company created to chase a dream and realize an olfactory project that has been realized thanks to the collaboration of a team of experts in the perfumery sector.

Only now are we approaching, and doing so humbly, this market, driven by the desire to achieve this dream with the support and council of a person who has the knowledge and passion that few others have. This is Francesca Faruolo.

For us, tradition is a very important value: tradition is the identity and its roots are sunk into respect for the past.

We hold tradition with esteem, respecting and learning from the past. This is why the team that created Autentica di Felsina consists of well-known companies and experts from the perfume industry, with whom we have shared all aspects of its creation..

Together, we have defined and developed this project, following and respecting the value of tradition.

We believe it is important to stress that the work has been performed by a team. The result is that of a synergy of ideas and experiences that, along with passion and determination, represents the primary value of our product, Autentica di Felsina.

I have the pleasure and honor of presenting our team.

Francesca Faruolo founder and director of Smell – Festival dll’Olfatto, she is our artistic director and “mentor”. She has worked with us on each phase of the project, helping us stay on course, starting from our ROOTS.

With her knowledge, Francesca Faruolo helped us approach the project with artistry and to respect the past deeply rooted in what was once an authentic tradition.

Martino Cerizza, our “nose”, has known how to bring back to life the original scent, carefully following the “original formulas” but as an Eau de Parfum.

Nicola Bianchi di B.B.E. International, was capable of supplying us the top-quality essences from which the perfume is created. For more than 35 years, his company has been a reference point in the world of aromas and fragrances. It is distinguished by its high-quality that pervades due to the dedication and experience handed down from father to son.

Massimiliano Sutti, is our product designer. He has transformed the values that distinguish Autentica di Felsina in an image, and has guided the process of creating a meaningful image to our company.

Last, but not least, the Al Sacro Cuore perfume shop that was the first to believe in this project and, in addition to being an important commercial partner, is now the first sales point where Autentica di Felsina is offered for sale.

Autentica di Felsina represents our identity as individuals and as a company. That is why it gives me joy to introduce you to all the participants who have been and will continue to be with us, sharing the same spirit and the same dedication.